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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 37

2 b He complained of the euil wordes and injuries, which thei spake & did against him.

2 / Or, slander.

2 a That is, the storie of suche things as came to him and his familie, as {chap. 5,1}.

5 c God reueiled to him by a dreame, what shulde come to passe.

5 ! He dreameth and is hated of his brethren.

8 d The more that God sheweth him self fauourable to his, the more doeth the malice of the wicked rage against them.

10 e Not despising the vision, but seking to appease his brethren.

11 f He knewe that God was the autor of the dreame, but he vnderstode not the meaning.

18 g The holy Gost couereth not mens fautes, as do vaine writers which make vice vertue.

23 h Their hypocrisie appeareth in this that thei feared man more then God: & thoght it was not murther if thei shed not his blood: or els had an excuse to couer their faute.

28 i Moses writing according to the opinion of them, which toke the Midianites and Ishmaelites to be bothe one, doeth here confounde their names: as also appeareth {vers 36 and chap 39,1}. Or els he was first offred to the Midianites, but solde to the Ishmeelites.

35 / Or, I wil mourne for him so long as I liue.

36 l Which worde doeth not alwaie signifie him that is gelded, but also him that is some high dignitie.

36 / Or, captaine of the garde.