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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 36

1 a This genealogie declareth that Esau was blessed temporally, & that his fathers blessing toke place in worldlie things.

2 b Besides those wiues whereof is spoken, {chap. 26,34}.

6 c Herein appeareth Gods prouidence, which causeth the wicked to giue place to the godlie that Jaakob might enjoye Canaan according to Gods promes.

9 / Or, the Edomites.

15 d If Gods promes be so sure towardes them, which are not of his housholde, how muche more wil he perform the same to vs?

15 / Or, chief men.

24 f Who not contented with those kindes of beastes, which God had created, found out the monstrous generacion of mules betwene the asse and the mare.

31 g The wicked rise vp suddenly to honour, and perish as quickely: but the inheritance of the children of God continueth euer, {psal 102,28}.