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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 32

1 a He acknollageth Gods benefits: who for the preseruation of his sendeth hostes of Angels.

1 ! God comforteth Jaakob by his Angels.

4 b He reuerenced his brother in worldlie things, because he chiefely loked to be preferrered to the spiritual promes.

7 c Albeit he was comforted by the Angels, yet the infirmitie of the fleshe doeth appear.

9 ! He praieth vnto God, confessing his vnworthines.

10 d That is, poore and without all prouision.

11 e Meaning, he wil put all to deathe: this prouerb cometh of them which killethe the birde together with her yong ones.

13 f Not distrusting Gods assistance, but vsing such meanes as God had giuen him.

13 ! He sendeth presents vnto Esau.

20 g He thoght it no loss to departe with these goods, to the intent he might followe the vocation whereunto God called him.

24 ! He wrestled with the Angel who nameth him Israel.

25 i For God assaileth his with the one hand, & vpholdeth them with the other.

28 k God gaue Jaakob bothe power to ouercome and also the praise of the victorie.

31 l The faithful so ouercome their tentations, that thei fele the smart thereof, to the intent that thei shulde not glorie, but in their humilitie.