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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 31

1 a The children vttered in wordes that which the father dissembled in heart. For the couetous think that whatsoeuer thei cannot snatche, is pluckt from them.

2 / Ebr. and, lo, not be with him, as yesterday and yea yesterday.

3 ! God commandeth him to returne to his countrey.

9 c This declareth that the thing which Jaakob did before, was by Gods commandement , & not through deceite.

13 d This Angel was Christ, which appeared to Jaakob in Bethel: & hereby appeareth he had taught his wiues the feare of God: for he talketh as thogh they knewe this thing.

15 e For they were giuen to Jaakob in recompense of his seruice: which was a kinde of sale.

19 f For so the worde here signifieth, because Laban calleth them gods, vers. 30.

23 ! Laban followeth Jaakob.

23 / Or, kinsfolkes & friends.

29 g He was an idolater, and therfore wold not acknollageth the God of Jaakob for his God.

35 / Ebr. let not angre be in the eyes of my lord.

42 h That is, the God whome Izhak did feare & reuerence.

44 i His conscience reproued him of his mis behauiour toward Jaakob and therfore moued him to seke peace.

44 ! The couenant betwene Laban and Jaakob.

47 k The one nameth the place in the Syrian tongue, and the other in the Ebrewe tongue.

47 / Or, the heape of witnes.

49 / Or, watch tower.

50 m Nature compelleth him to condemne that vice, whereunto through couetousnes he forced Jaakob.

53 n Behold how the idolaters mingle the true God with their fayned gods.

53 o Meaning, by the true God whome Izhak worshipped.

55 p Here we se that there is euer some sede of the knollage of God in the hearts of the wicked.