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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 18

2 ! Abraham receiueth thre angels into his house.

3 b Speaking to one of them in whome appeared to be moste majestie: for he thoght they had been men.

4 c For men vsed because of the great heat to go bare footed in those parties.

5 d As sent of God, that I shulde do my duetie to you.

8 e For as God gaue them bodies for a time, so gaue he the faculties thereof, to walke, to eat and drincke, and suche like.

10 f That is, when she shalbe deliuered, or when the child shal come into this life.

12 g For she rather had respect to the ordre of nature, than beleued the promes of God.

17 h Jehouah, the Ebrewe worde, which we call Lord, sheweth that this angel was Christ: for this worde is onely applied to God.

19 i He sheweth that fathers oght bothe to knowe Gods judgements & to declare them to their children.

19 ! Abraham taught his familie to knowe God.

21 l For our sins crie for vengeance thogh none accuse vs.

21 ! The destruction of Sodom is declared vnto Abraham.

21 k God speaketh after the facion of men: that is, I will entre into judgement with good aduis.

26 m God declareth that his judgements were done with great mercie, forasmuche as all were so corrupt, that not onely fiftie, but ten righteous men colde not be found there: and also that the wicked are spared for the righteous sake.

27 n Hereby we learne, that the nerer we approche vnto God, the more doeth our miserable estate appeare, and the more are we humbled.

32 o If God refused not the praier for the wicked Sodomites, euen to the sixt request, how muche more will he grante the praiers of the godlie for the afflicted Church?