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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 17

1 / Or, without hypocrisie.

4 a Not only according to the fleshe, but of a farre greater multitude by faith, {ro. 4,17}

5 ! Abrams name is changed to confirme him in the promes.

5 b The changing of his name is a seale to confirme Gods promes vnto him.

8 ! The land of Canaan is the fift time promised.

10 c Circumcision is called the couenant, because it signifieth the couenant and hath the promes of grace joyned to it, which phrase is commune to all sacraments.

11 d That priuie parte is circumcised to shewe that all that is begotten of man is corrupt and must be mortified.

14 e Albeit women were not circumcised, yet were they partakers of Gods promes: for vnder the mankinde all was consecrated & here is declared that whosoeuer contemneth the signe despiseth also the promes.

15 ! Sarai is named Sarah.

17 f Which proceded of a soden joye, and not of infidelitie.

19 g The euerlasting couenant is made with the children of the Spirit: and with the children of the fleshe is made the temporal promes, as was promesd to Ishmael.

23 h They were wel instructed which obeied to be circumcised without resistance: which thing declareth that masters in their houses oght to be as preachers to their families, that from the hiest to the lowest they may obey the wil of God.