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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 8

1 b If God remember euerie brute beast, what oght to be the assurance of his children?

1 a Not that God forgetteth his at any time, but when he sendeth succour, then he sheweth that he remembreth them.

4 / Or, Armenia.

4 c Which conteined parte of September & parte of October.

9 e It is like, that the rauen did fly to and fro, resting on the Arke, but came not into it, as the doue that was taken in.

11 f Which was a signe that the waters were muche diminished: for the oliues growe not on the hie mountaines.

11 / Or, bil.

13 g Called in Ebrewe Abib, conteining part of Marche and parte of April.

13 ! The flood ceaseth.

16 ! Noah is commanded to come forthe of the Arke with his.

16 h Noah declareth his obedience in that he wolde not departe out of the Arke without Gods expresse commandement, as he did not entre in without the same.

20 i For sacrifices, which were as an exercise of their faith, whereby thei vsed to giue thankes to God for his benefites.

21 k That is, thereby he shewed him selfe appeased, and his angre to rest.

22 l The ordre of nature destroyed by the flood is restored by Gods promes.

22 ! God promiseth that all things shal continue in their first ordre.