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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 7

1 a In respect of the rest of the worlde, & because he had a desire to serve God and liue vprightly.

2 b Which might be offred in sacrifice, whereof six were for breed and the seuenth for sacrifice.

9 c God compelled them to present themselves to Noah, as they did before to Adam, when he gaue them names, {Chap. 2,19}.

11 e Bothe the waters in the earth did ouerflowe, and also the cloudes powred downe.

11 d Which was about the beginning of Maie, when all things did moste florish.

15 f Euerie liuing thing that God wolde haue to be preserved on earth, came into the Arke to Noah.

16 g So that Gods secret power defended him against the rage of the mightie waters.

20 ! The flood destroyeth all the rest vpon the earth.

23 i Learne what it is to obey God onely, and to forsake the multitude, {I Pet. 3,20}.