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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 6

2 c Hauing more respect to their beautie, & to worldely considerations, then to their maners and godlines.

2 a The children of the godlie, which began to degenerate.

2 b Those that came of wicked parents, as of Kain.

3 d Because man colde not be wone by Gods lenitie and longsufferance, whereby he stroue to ouercome him, he wolde no longer stay his vengeance.

3 e Which terme God gaue man to repent before he wolde destroy the earth, {I Pet. 3,20}.

3 ! God threateneth to bring the flood.

4 f Which vsurped autoritie ouer others & did degenerate from the simplicitie, wherein their fathers liued.

4 / Or, tyrants.

6 g God doth neuer repent, but he speaketh after our capacitie, because he did destroy him, & in that, as it were, did disauow him to be his creature.

7 h God declareth how muche he detesteth sinne, seing the punishment thereof extendeth to the brute beastes.

11 k Meaning that all were giuen to the contempt of God and oppression of their neighbours.

13 / Or, oppression & wickednes.

14 / Ebr. nestes.

16 l That is, of thre heightes, as appeareth in this figure.

18 m To the intent that in this great enterprise & mockings of the whole worlde thou maiest be confirmed, that thy faith faile not.

18 ! Noah is preserved in the Arke, which he was commanded to make.

22 n That is, he obeyed Gods commandement in all pointes.