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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 5

1 / Or, rehearsal of the stocke.

1 ! The genealogie.

2 b By giuing them bothe one name, he noteth the inseparable conjunction of man and wife.

3 c Aswel concerning his creation, as his corruption.

6 d He proueth Adams Generation by them which came of Sheth to shewe which is the true Church, and also what care God had ouer the same from the beginning, in that he continued euer his graces toward it by a continual succession.

6 ! His succession vnto Noah and his children.

8 e The chief cause of long life in the first age was the multiplication of mankinde that according to Gods commandement at the beginning the worlde might be increased with people, which might vniuersally praise his Name.

24 g To shewe that there was a better life prepared, & to be a testimonie of the immortalitie of soules & bodies. As to inquire where he became is mere curiositie.

29 h Lamech had reproach to the promes, {Chap. 3,15}, and desired to se the deliuerer, which shulde be sent, & yet sawe but a figure thereof. He also spake this by the Spirit of prophecie, because Noah deliuered the Church, and preserued it by his obedience.