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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 4

1 a Mans nature, the state of mariage, & Gods blesing were not vtterly abolished through sinne, but the qualitie or condition thereof was changed.

1 b That is, according to the Lords promes, as {Chap. 3,15}: some read, To the Lord, as rejoycing for the sonne which she had borne, whome she wolde offer the to the Lord as the first frutes of her birth.

1 ! The generacion of mankinde.

3 c This declareth that the father instructed his children in the knowledge of God, and also how God gaue them sacrifices to signifie their salvation: albeit they were destitute of the sacrament of the tre of life.

5 d Because he was an hypocrite and offred only for an outwarde shewe without sinceritie of heart.

7 g The dignitie of the first borne is giuen to Kain ouer Habel.

7 e Bothe thou and thy sacrifice shalbe acceptable to me.

9 h This is the nature of the reprobate when thei are reproued of their hypocrisie, euen to neglect God and despite him.

10 i God reuengeth the wrongs of his Saints, thogh none complaine: for the iniquitie itselfe cryeth for vengeance.

11 k The earth shalbe a witnes against thee which mercifully receiued that blood, which thou moste cruelly shed.

12 l Thou shalt neuer haue rest: for thine heart shalbe in continual feare & care.

13 m He burdeneth God as a cruel judge, because he did punish him so sharpely.

13 / Or, my sinne is greater then can be pardoned.

15 n Not for the loue he bare to Kain, but to suppresse murther.

15 o A visible signe of Gods judgement that others shulde feare.

17 p Thinking thereby to be sure & to haue lesse occasion to feare Gods judgements against him.

19 q The lawful institucion of marriage, which is that two shulde be one flesh, was first corrupt in the house of Kain by Lamech.

23 ! Lamech, a tyrant, encourageth his feareful wiues.

23 r His wiues seing that all men hated him for his crueltie, were afraied: therefore he braggeth that there is none so lusty that were able to resist, althogh he were already wounded.

24 s He mocked at Gods sufferance in Kain, jesting as thogh God wolde suffre none to punish him, and yet giue him licence to murther others.

26 t In these dayes God began to moue the hearts of the godlie to restore religion, which a long time by the wicked had bene suppressed.

26 ! True religion is restored.