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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 3

1 b God suffered Satan to make the serpent his instrument and to speake in him.

1 a As Satan can change himselfe into an angel of light, so did he abuse the wisdome of the serpent to deceaue man.

3 c In douting of Gods threatening she yelded to Satan.

4 d This is Satans chiefest subtiltie, to cause vs not to feare Gods threatenings.

5 e As thogh he shulde say, God doth not forbid you to eat of the frute, saue that he knoweth that if you shulde eat thereof, you shulde be like to him.

6 f Not so muche to please his wife, as moued by ambicion at her persuasion.

6 ! Entiseth her housband to sinne.

7 g They began to fele their miserie, but they soght not to God for remedie.

7 / Ebr. things to girde about them to hide their priuities.

8 / Or, winde.

10 i His hypocrisie appeareth in that he hid the cause of his nakednes, which was the transgression of Gods commandement.

12 k His wickednes & lacke of true repentance appeareth in this, that he burdeneth God with his faute, because he had giuen him a wife.

13 l Instead of confessing her sinne, she increaseth it by accusing the serpent.

14 m He asked the reason of Adam and his wife, because he wolde bring them to repentance, but he asketh not the serpent because he wolde shewe him no mercie.

14 n As a vile & contemptible beast, {Isa. 65,25}.

15 o He chiefly meaneth Satan, by whose motion & craft the serpent deceiued the woman.

15 q Satan shal sting Christ & his members, but not ouercome them.

15 ! Christ is promised.

15 p That is, the power of sinne and death.

16 r The Lord comforteth Adam by the promes of the blessed sede, and also punisheth the body for the sinne, which the soule shulde haue been punished for, that the spirit hauing conceiued hope of forgiuenes might liue by faith.

17 s The transgression of Gods commandement was the cause that bothe mankinde and all other creatures were subject to the curse.

18 t These are not the natural frutes of the earth, but procede of the corruption of sinne.

21 u Or gaue them knowledge to make them selues coates.

22 x By this derision he reprocheth Adams miserie, whereinto he was fallen by ambition.

22 y Adam depriued of life, lost also the signe thereof.