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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 2

1 a That is, the innumerable abundance of creatures in heauen & earth.

2 b For he had now finished his creacion, but his prouidence stil watcheth ouer his creatures, and gouerneth them.

2 ! God resteth the seuenth day & sanctifieth it.

3 c Appointed it to be kept holy, that man might therein consider the excellencie of his workes & Gods goodnes towards him.

5 d God onely openeth the heauens and shutteth them, he sendeth drought and raine according to his good pleasure.

7 e He sheweth whereof mans bodye was created, to the intent that man shulde not glorie in the excellencie of his owne nature.

8 f This was the name of a place, as some think, in Mesopotamia, moste pleasant & abundant in all things.

9 g Which was a signe of the life receaued of God.

9 h That is, of miserable experience, which came by disobeying God.

11 i Which Hauilah is a countrey joyning to Persia Eastwarde, and enclineth towarde the West.

12 / Or precious stone, or perle. Plinie sayth it is the name of a tre.

14 / Or, Tygris.

14 / Or, Assyria.

15 k God wolde not haue man ydle, thogh as yet there was no nede to labour.

16 l So that man might knowe there was a souereigne Lord, to whome he owed obedience.

17 m By this death he meaneth the separacion of man from God, who is our life and chief felicitie, and also that our disobedience is the cause thereof.

17 / Ebr. in the day.

19 n By mouing them to come & submit themselves to Adam.

22 o Signifying that mankinde was perfit when the woman, was created, which before was like an vnperfit buylding.

22 ! He createth the woman.

22 / Ebr. buylt.

23 / Or, Manner, because she commeth of man: for in Ebr Ish is man, and Ishah the woman.

24 p So that marriage requireth a greater dutie of vs towarde our wiues than otherwise we are bounde to shewe to our parents.

25 q For before sinne entred all things were honest and comely.